About Little Star

Shanghai Little Star was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of the SMG (Shanghai Media Group). Little Star consists of two sections: the Little Star School and the Little Star Troupe. Shanghai Little Star is ranked as a five-star social organization that focuses on professional childrens art education, and is aimed at cultivating their interest in the performance arts as well as developing childrens individual capabilities and potential for success and accomplishment. Our ultimate goal is to develop and train the next generation of performance stars in China.

Shanghai Little Star School currently has 23 branches, 22 of them in Shanghai, and 1 in United States. The program consists of four components: singing, dancing, acting and art, which constitute more than 30 kinds of staged art classes. Little Star Art School aims to help children from 3-12 years old improve confidence, creativity and EQ, and above all cultivate a new generation of artistic accomplishment. Little Star Art School combines advanced international educational theory with practical teaching methodology, working on developing better art courses and building high quality environment for childrens development.  In addition, those students from Little Star Art School who demonstrate high aptitude in their artistic talents have the opportunity to apply for the internationally recognized Little Star Art Troupe, bringing them a step closer to realizing their dream on the world stage.

Since 2013, Shanghai Little Star began publishing its own magazine with nearly 20,000 issues currently in circulation. It has even been producing its own TV program, called Little Star Dream Works which has been ranked among the top ten with domestic audiences.

Shanghai Little Star has had the privilege of serving, developing, and teaching the super-stars of the past, present, and future. Not only has it served as a vehicle to artistic and career success for many, but also teaches all of its students myriad artistic and performance talents that will benefit them throughout their lives. Members of the Little Star Troupe have in many cases grown up to become elites in many different fields, from entertainers and actors, to company executives, and even teachers themselves. Whether international hits, or serving their own communities, all of our students, both former and current, are shining examples of our little stars.